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Canyoning guide

Module 2 is a final training on the way to the title of a canyon guide. The module lasts 8 days and runs at different locations in different countries.


For the first few days, the module is carried out in the vicinity of Bovec, where rope techniques are repeated, presented is the course and plan of the module and two to three canyons are visited.


Then the travel part of the module begins. we go to northern Italy, Austria and Switzerland, where we meet with more demanding canyons. Candidates organize themselves, sleep and transport are not provided. Every day after the tour, we set the canyon for the next day and where to get.


Since Module 2 upgrades guiding skills, two guides are set for each day (one day in advance), which must prepare and guide the tour the next day. However, this does not mean that other candidates do not need to know all the information. Preparation of the tour means knowing the canyon, weather, logistics, equipment, water levels, etc.


Intensive canyoning within the module is the best way to apply the acquired knowledge learned in module 1, and at the same time to acquire the skills of a stand-alone guide. In module 2, we also learn some new more advanced guide and rescue rope techniques.


Just as the candidates are evaluated daily on Module 1, they are also evaluated on Module 2. The condition for successful completion of Module 2 is an average not exceeding 2.5. However, with this, the applicant is not yet licensed as a canyon guide.

Guide exam


The last step before obtaining the title of the guide is the guiding exam. In order to enter the examination for the exam, it is necessary to have successfully completed module 2. In the exam, the candidate must prove that he has mastered all the guiding skills by guiding a group of true guests, assessed by the examiner's instructor committee.


The candidate must bring his group of guests (amateurs), acquire and prepare equipment, provide logistics and information, give instructions before the beginning of the tour, safely and without mistake take the tour and finish it properly.

After the successful completion of the final exam, the candidate obtains the title CANYONING GUIDE.

With this, he also acquires the license card of the Canyoning association of Slovenia.

Course dates

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