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Assistant canyoning guide

The Assistant canyon guide is the first level of professional training that we perform at the Canyoning association of Slovenia.


Training for an assistant guide consists of two modules and lasts 10 days. In the first module, the participants get to know both theoretical and practical basis, which are crucial for a canyoning guiding - the basics of rope techniques, meteorology, cartography, guiding and first aid, etc.


In the second module, they begin to get to know more complex rope techniques, which the guides use on a daily basis at work. It is also a great emphasis on this module to learn and conquer different rescue techniques.


Training for an assistant guide is 100 hours long and is both physically and psychologically demanding. A good psychophysical readiness is expected from the candidates, which is checked on a daily through practical training.

Candidates are rated daily in different areas with grades 1 (best) - 5 (the worst). After 9 days of Modules 1 and 2, the average score shall be calculated from the estimates, which can not exceed the grade 2.5; otherwise, the candidate can not enter the final examination, which takes place 10th day of the course.


The condition for the successful completion of Module 1 and obtaining of the ASSISTANT GUIDE license are:

  • average grade of module 1

  • a positive-written theoretical test

  • successfully passed the final practical exam

  • obtaining the license for Wild water rescuer - Program C


The assistant guide is well trained for guiding the canyon under the supervision and in the presence of a canyon guide.




The assistant guide must, before continuing his education on module 2, have a practical training that envisages a minimum of 10 days of tours to the canyon with a licensed guide of the Canyoning association of Slovenia. In doing so, the assistant actively participates in the organization, preparation, and implementation of the tours, using the knowledge learned in Module 1 + 2. Without the assistance provided successfully participation in module 2 is not possible.

Course dates


  • Minimum age 18 years

  • Proof of payment for training

  • At the beginning of the training, the candidate proves himself / herself with an identity document


The course will be held in Bovec and its surroundings.

The course price is € 1150


Payment is required upon registration!


The application form must be completed and signed in person. The application is considered submitted when you send it to the association's e-mail:


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